JET AIRLINER 1 HOUR SOLO SIMULATOR EXPERIENCE (incl. 30 min Solo Flight) – Johannesburg/Pretoria


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Jet Airliner 1 hour Simulator Experience incl. Solo 30 min Flight …Fulfill your dream of flying a Jet Airliner


Jet Airliner 1 hour Simulator Experience incl. Solo 30 min Flight …Fulfill your dream of flying a Jet Airliner

This unique opportunity is the ideal gift for any person who has dreams of flying a Jet Aircraft. Our fully certified ‘full motion” Jet Aircraft MD 80 Simulator, used to train Airline Pilots, will provide an opportunity to experience the complex functions and intricacies of flying an Airliner from one airport to another. You will be flying under the supervision and guidance of our fully qualified, MD 80 Rated Flight Instructor, and your experience will be one never to be forgotten.

Pilot a Jet aircraft…

You will fly the MD 82 Aircraft in the right hand seat with Instructor directing you at the controls and enjoy the experience of ‘a day in the life of an Airline Pilot’. This will include the process of the Aircraft startup, Taxi, Take-off, cruise, landing, Taxi and Parking for a one hour flight. This exercise is going to bring a thrill and adrenalin rush that only flying a large jet can bring. It requires focus, concentration and a real love for the wilder adventures in life. The full motion simulator is like the ‘real thing.’ It is so realistic that airline pilots are trained solely on this device before they start carrying passengers on the real thing. You will fly from airport to airport following the procedures that are completed on any flight you would as a passenger on any of our airlines.

All packages include:

  1. Welcome Letter and Boarding Pass with all relevant details such as directions & program sent via e-mail
  2. Light Refreshments on arrival
  3. A Pre-flight Briefing/short introductory video and Presentation on fundamentals of flight in a briefing room.
  4. Flying the MD 80 Jet Aircraft full motion Simulator under instruction
  5. A Cockpit Photo Opportunity
  6. A personalised Certificate of Achievement.