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Newton’s Cradle (Full Size)


Newton’s Cradle – Isaac Newton declared that ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’ – this toy offers the perfect demonstration of this fundamental law in an eye-catching and mesmerising display. This mini Newton’s Cradle is an exact replica of the original design and is much more than a distracting desk toy; it’s science in motion!

But how does it work…? Simply pull back and release one ball and only one ball on the other side will react, pull back and release two balls and two balls will react, three balls and three balls will take it in turns to swing from side to side! The energy is transmitted through the static balls in the centre to the equivalent balls on the other side which react accordingly and swing out to mirror the movement.

Newton’s Cradle has been an office favourite for years; the pendulum sound of the balls clacking together is said to aid creativity, focus and relaxation.


  • Designed based on Isaac Newton’s original design
  • Release 1 ball and only 1 ball moves, release 2 balls and 2 balls will react etc
  • Available with a chrome frame and stainless steel balls
  • A fun way to demonstrate the laws of motion in action
  • Popular office toy – aids creativity, focus, relaxation