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Jet Airliner 1 hour Simulator Experience incl. Solo 30 min Flight …Conquer Your Fear of Flying


Jet Airliner 1 hour Simulator Experience incl. Solo 30 min Flight …Conquer Your Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying – Conquer Your Fears!

Many of those that travel for business or enjoy a trip overseas have an innate fear of flying. This can cause extreme anxiety in the weeks and days leading up to a flight. and certainly from boarding the aircraft to disembarkation.

Let us help you conquer these fears and learn to be more relaxed and comfortable with an understanding of the redundancies and procedures, skill sets and checks in place to ensure aviation is the safest form of travel.

You will enjoy a professional briefing on all aspects of Flight and Air Traffic Control while you actually fly the plane, all from the safety and security of the cockpit of our MD 80 Flight Simulator, as you get to understand the measures taken to ensure your flights in the future have the highest safety standards available.

You will be flying under the supervision and guidance of our fully qualified, MD 80 Rated Flight Instructor, and your experience will be one never to be forgotten.

Package includes:

  1. Welcome Letter and Boarding Pass with all relevant details such as directions & program sent via e-mail
  2. Light Refreshments on arrival
  3. Fear of Flying Presentation incl. A Pre-flight Briefing/short introductory video and Presentation on fundamentals of flight
  4. Flying the MD 80 Jet Aircraft full motion Simulator under instruction
  5. A Cockpit Photo Opportunity
  6. A personalised Certificate of Achievement.


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