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Inter-provincial leisure travel may still be off the cards, but in the near future all travel will resume and a surge in travel is expected. A growing number of consumers are looking at the option of paying for travel and adventure experiences now, to use at a later stage. 

In response to this, a new voucher platform for premium hospitality service providers in South Africa – Hospitality Vouchers – has been launched to ll this gap in the market. Developed by hospitality professionals and companies with vast experience in all segments of the industry, this innovative voucher platform aims to assist the industry during this challenging period through additional marketing avenues and the opportunity to tap into a new revenue stream during and post the current lockdown. 

Hospitality Vouchers is a sophisticated e-commerce hospitality platform that enables consumers to instantly pre-purchase hospitality services and experiences for future redemption, either for themselves, a gift recipient, or as a contribution towards a function or event, such as a wedding, family holiday or milestone birthday. 

Beyond the current lockdown, Hospitality Vouchers offers a convenient platform for consumers seeking to purchase an affordable, premium hospitality experience for immediate or future use. Consumers can choose from various premium hospitality products including hotels, lodges, restaurants, spas and activity service providers. The platform also enables friends, family, companies or departments to contribute to large events, functions, gifts, incentives and rewards. 

Vouchers can be purchased for a specic product, or for a set value that can be used across the platform. There is no cost for listing a service or product on Hospitality Vouchers. An all-inclusive 12.5% handling fee is charged, which is offset against the invoiced face value price of the service at the time of purchase. Payment is processed to the listing partner via secure EFT within 48 hours of the purchase date / invoice or upon redemption, dependent on the type of product. 

Hotels, lodges, restaurants, spas and activity / service providers are invited to list their products or services for free on Hospitality Vouchers by sending an email to

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