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Updated your bucket-list recently? You might want to hold on until you’ve seen our list of 5 back-home holiday must-do’s for every South African living abroad… and their families.


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  1. Take an aerobatic bi-plane ride. Fly, flip, repeat. You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the world upside down… from above… at 100mp/h.
  2. Bungee or rap jumping. This is a rite of passage for anyone claiming the title of adventurer. Rated as one of the most exhilarating outdoor experiences man can have.
  3. Experiencing SA’s mountains from a hot-air balloon on a chilly winter’s morning. Paris might be the city of love, but it’s got nothing on the unspoilt beauty of Parys or Magaliesburg at dawn… glass of champagne in hand.
  4. The Harties horse trails. The pristine beauty found in the foothills of Hartebeespoortdam is enough to capture the imagination. Now imagine combining that with a one-of-kind horse-trail safari and surprise breakfast picnic. Did someone say next-level romantic?
  5. Exploring the winelands from a motorcycle sidecar. Ask any biker – nothing compares to the thrill of the open road. Add a sidecar (and your favourite sidekick in it) hogging it through the Cape winelands and you’ve got a memory to last a lifetime.


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