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Tandem Skydive Experience – Cape Town


Tandem Skydive Experience (11000ft) – Cape Town

The most thrilling introduction to skydiving!

Leap from altitude securely attached to an experienced instructor! Enjoy a Freefall of at least 35 seconds followed by 3-5 minute parachute ride to a gentle landing! A 20 minute scenic flight, with fantastic views, follows a short briefing by your Instructor. Then…it’s TIME!

They will securely connect your harness to theirs, check everything and then, with your eyes open and a big smile, “Wahooo!” out you go!!! With little falling sensation, it is more like floating than falling, yet one is whistling Earthward at more than 200kmh! Quite indescribable! Once the parachute is open all is calm, quiet and peaceful allowing one to begin to absorb the enormity of the occasion. After practicing for the landing, and enjoying the scenery from the perspective of a bird, in you are returned to Earth. High fives, hugs and smiles, a certificate and an incredible feeling of well-being result!

All that is required are closed, comfortable shoes, reasonable health, the desire and Voucher for the jump!

Included in the cost for your Tandem Jump:

  • Full instruction and training
  • Parachutes, aircraft flight and other equipment fully inclusive
  • A certificate once you have performed your Tandem Jump




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