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Chopper Adventures- “Principles of Flight”


Chopper Adventures- “Principles of Flight”

(min group 20)

Could you ever imagine being handed the controls of a helicopter in full flight!

Your team mates on board the flight will have their levels of trust in your ability tested to the limit!

This exciting helicopter team building event utilises high levels of safety standards whilst exposing delegates to a very real and unexpected flying experience in a variety of helicopters selected to match your team’s helicopter team building event and group numbers.

This helicopter adventure activity is a teambuilding simulation which utilises the experiential environment of a helicopter for transport of delegates to various locations in order to solve a simulated crisis situation.

Initially, all chopper adventures delegates undergo a practical training session in the conference room explaining the Principles of Flight and how a helicopter works.

However, the chopper adventures participant’s comfort zones are exposed when they are taken outside and the real helicopters fly in and land at the conference venue. For some people this is the first time they realise that they are going to actually be flying themselves in this helicopter team building event.

When the delegates get their first hands-on exposure to the powerful Robinson R44 or Bell 407 helicopter during the pre-flight checks, this is when it really sinks in.

Even more surprises await when everyone realises that this helicopter team building event is NOT a mere helicopter flip – IT IS A MILITARY MISSION!
At this point, the military briefing begins…

The chopper adventures pre-flight inspection normally serves to calm the new airmen’s nerves, but the swirling rotors also serve to get the adrenaline flowing as the deafening noise makes the situation all the more real.

Listen up Soldiers! Here’s the brief…
A downed pilot has been lost behind enemy lines and has to be urgently airlifted to a nearby insurgent unit with medics. In order to avoid being caught by a fast approaching enemy task force, certain other resources have been made available by the local Resistance.

Your objective is to follow radio communications sent by operations HQ and to build a suitable raft according to specific regulations and get across the border lake to safety.

Enemy fire and radio communication activity all contribute to exciting chopper adventures that keep EVERYBODY BUSY, ALL OF THE TIME.

This is an unforgettable helicopter adventure activity for even the most hardened of teams.


The realistic elements of technical training, powerful machinery and working under blasting winds from the rotors are even more effective when there is a serious task at hand.

The imminent danger of these helicopter adventures is enhanced when delegates may be transported on the skids of a flying helicopter in order to facilitate a speedy landing when time is running out.

This really is an event for the team that’s done it all!

This helicopter team building event is Professionally facilitated by the country’s most experienced helicopter instructors, and utilising Helicopters maintained to the highest standards.

Once again MOVERS & SHAKERS have a number of different options for these Chopper Adventures.

A scaled-down, but nevertheless unforgettable version of chopper adventures involves the introductory Flight School training, facilitated Pre-flight checks and opportunities for delegates to control the helicopter in flight under supervised guidance.

All delegates are awarded a “MOVERS & SHAKERS – Excellence on the Fly ” Certificate.


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